Many clients desire estimates or quotes prior to engaging us. We typically can offer service for either a fixed quote or for an estimate. Based our firm's past experience, we have include some typical fees for "base" tax returns that we prepare.

Fees listed are in Canadian dollars, except where specified otherwise. We also may charge for specific costs we incur with regards to client tax filings.  Such charges may include charges for copies (where numerous copies involved), courier charges, and out of pocket software charges. Such charges, if applicable, will be indicated in a letter of engagement provided to you (confirming terms and extent of services to be rendered) before we commence service.

We generally invoice U.S. clients in U.S. currency. However, upon request, we can bill in either U.S. or Canadian currency, according to one's preference.

Ontario residents are billed an additional amount with respect to Harmonized Sales Tax. The current HST rate is 13 percent.

Our fees and costs are subject to change without notice.

The following should provide a potential or existing client with some guidance with regards to the fees we normally charge.  In some cases, we may agree to provide service for less than the below standard published fees, thus an intial phone call to our office, to confirm a reduced applicable charge may prove worthwhile.  Reduced fees may apply to (a) repeat clients (b) persons with low net worth and lowish income (c) simple tax returns that can be processed with little back and forth client correspondence (d) volume discount for multiple filers or tax returns (e) other situations


Typical Fees re 1040 and State tax returns for U.S. residents or citizens.

Typical Fees re 1040NR and State tax returns for U.S. non-resident aliens

Typical Fees re T1 (Canada Income tax returns)

Typical Fees re Corporations

Typical Fees re Partnerships


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