Individual Tax Identification Number "ITIN" Application - Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Fees - What do you charge for processing an ITIN application?

As of November 1, 2020 our approximate fees for ITIN processing (for a single application) are as follows:

Select one option:

a. Regular Service – We will transmit your ITIN application within 3 to 5 days of receiving your application documents (see Step 1 above). The fee is $ CAN $ 205 + 13 % HST = Total of $ CAN 231.65

b. Expedited Service – We will transmit your ITIN application within 1 day of receiving your application documents (see Step 1 above). The fee is $ CAN $ 220+ 13 % HST = Total of $ CAN 248.60

c. With a Tax Return that We Prepare– We will transmit your ITIN application with a tax return that we prepare.  The fee is $ CAN $ 175 + 13 % HST = Total of $ CAN 197.75. An additional fee will be charged for a tax return that we prepare.

2. What is benefit of using the services of a IRS Certified Acceptance Agent to process my / an ITIN application?

Any applicant for an ITIN must submit to the IRS certain specified ORIGINAL identification proving identity and alien status, before an ITIN is issued. Normally, this original identification must be mailed to the IRS ITIN Unit, or conveyed to a Certifying Acceptance Agent for review.

Therefore, rather than sending ORIGINAL identification documents (such as a passport) to an IRS office (and waiting desperately to get such documents back by post), ITIN applicants may provide that information to us for verification (in our capacity as a IRS ITIN Certified Acceptance Agent) permitting us to expedite the administrative process of issuance of an ITIN, without having the IRS ITIN Department require such original documentation directly from you.

3. I do require an ITIN number, what is next step?

Please phone our office at Telephone 416.489.4829. We will confirm that you are eligible for such an number. Additionally, at this point, we will advise you of any additional support required for your application, or may after speaking by phone with you, send you written correspondence, to provide you with further clarification regarding such application(s). Before we can file such application, we will typically need to see you in person, with your original passport to support such application, before such is mailed to the Internal Revenue Service ITIN Processing Department.

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