Complete a Tax Organizer Before We Prepare Your Tax Return

If your situation is fairly straight forwards, we can obtain essential information from you by means of a telephone or personal interview. However, if you situation is somewhat more complicated – we would recommend you to complete a tax organizer of ours prior to letting us prepare your tax return(s).

The purpose of the tax organizer is:

a. to enable us to obtain necessary information to complete your tax return.
b. to remind you of certain deductions or credits that may be available to you.
c. to ensure that you do not forget to report certain types of income.
d. to assist you in organizing your tax information and tax slips prior to submitting such information to us for processing.

Please note if you are still somewhat confused as to which organizer or tax returns you require – simply give us a call and we will guide you accordingly.

We have decided to refrain from posting such organizers on our web site for the time being, as certain of our clients have downloaded the wrong ones, and have waisted time needlessly completing the wrong organizer

Please call (or e-mail) us and let us know which category or categories (see below) you fall in and will be happy to e-mail, mail or fax you an organizer (or organizers) as applicable to your unique tax situation. We do not charge for the provision of tax organizers to new or current clients.

Currently we offer the following organizers to new and existing clients of our firm:


Organizer Title For Those Who File or are Required to File... File Name
US Non-Resident Alien Organizer Form 1040NR
1040NR org
US and Canada Personal Organizer
Form 1040, T1 (Canada) and state tax return(s)
1040-T1 combined org
Canada Tax Return Organizer
T1 - for persons who file regular resident tax return in Canada and are not required to file Form 1040 in the US (as per category B). If you file form 1040NR - you also fall under category A.
T1 org
Canada Tax Return Organizer for Non-residents of Canada

T1- Non-resident return

(may be used in conjuction with category B while ignoring Cndn resident reporting requirements in the organizer)

NR T1 org
Addendum to T1 Organizer
may be required for category C category filers in some cases

1. re T1135 - non-Canadian assets - reporting requirements.
2. re trust and corporate reporting
3. re assets owned at emigration (from Canada)

add T1 org
Addendum to 1040-T1 combined organizer
may be required for category B filers in some cases

1. re trust and corporate reporting
2. re assets owned at emigration (from Canada)

add 1040-T1 combined org


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